About Us

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Mission Statement

We are here to provide quality healthcare at affordable prices for your acute, minor injury or illness. The Hollywood Walk-In Clinic exists to help fill the “gap” in medical care that falls between the primary physician’s office and the emergency room. It is an ideal place for people in need of acute, efficient and quality care but who are not experiencing a medical emergency.

Why we are here

The population is rapidly growing while access to acute healthcare is steadily shrinking. Hollywood Walk-In Clinic practitioners specialize in treating minor diseases, illness or injuries with a strong emphasis on quality healthcare and convenience. Most uncomplicated medical issues can be easily dealt with in our non-emergent setting. Customer satisfaction will always be our number one priority and we strive to provide both outstanding customer service and quality medical care with short waiting times.

We understand that times are very difficult and there are a lot of people in the community without medical insurance right now. For this reason, we are geared toward people without insurance and our fee-for-service healthcare prices are fixed and low. We accept many insurance plans but will keep our fee-for-service prices. We remove the uncertainty associated with how much it will cost to be cared for. We provide a menu of services which lists the price of each procedure, exam or piece of equipment. The Hollywood district is in great need of an acute care facility that can efficiently address minor, acute medical concerns and decongest its overcrowded emergency rooms. The increased demand for medical services has exacerbated emergency department crowding and lengthened waiting times for primary care appointments.

On any given day, more than 75% of the patients seen in most community emergency rooms have been treated at a walk-in care facility. Hollywood Walk-In Clinic has a medical staff of board certified emergency room, family practice, and internal medicine/pediatric physicians and healthcare professionals who have extensive experience in emergency room, urgent care, and occupational medicine settings. We treat each and every patient with the respect and caring everyone deserves when they are ill or injured. We get you in to see the provider quickly, diagnose and treat the problem then make sure that you understand your diagnosis and have proper follow-up.

Any Questions?

(323) 848-4522

Hollywood Walk-in Clinic
6430 Selma Avenue
Hollywood, Ca 90028


Monday thru Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday 9am - 4pm
Sunday 9am - 3pm

Conveniently located on the corner of Selma and Wilcox Avenues with adjacent parking.


Phone: (323) 848-4522
Fax: (323) 940-4013
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